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Facebook Hashtags: A fragmentation problem

You can now stop getting angry at your colleagues and friends for using hashtags on Facebook. After months of speculation, Facebook has finally added the ability to use hashtags in posts on Facebook. The move is seen as a direct copy of Twitter’s hashtags. When a user clicks on hash tag a window will pop up with posts and pictures related to the hashtag.  However users will only see Facebook posts that are visible to them depending on privacy settings of posts. Currently there is no word on whether Facebook will be adding trending topics. Trending topics on Twitter allow people to see what other people are talking about. Trending topics is also a perfect way to see any breaking news.

When Google+ launched in 2011 with the idea of putting people into circles, Facebook followed by launching Facebook Lists. Over the next two years Facebook played cat and mouse with Google+. Whenever Google+ added a new feature, Facebook added a new feature. These moves proves that Facebook is seriously worried about losing users. Recent research has shown that Facebook is losing its “cool” factor with teens. Teens dislike the drama that comes with Facebook, and are choosing services like Twitter, Vine and Snapchat instead.

Its interesting that Facebook adds new features whenever Google+ adds new features

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In February, Facebook announced Graph Search which allows users to in depth searches. For example, a user can search for “Music my friends like” and will display pages of bands that the users friends like. In March, Facebook announced a radical redesign of the Facebook Newsfeed. The new minimal design places more emphasis on photos and gets rid of a lot of Facebook clutter. When both announcements where made, users could sign up for early access. However only a portion of those who signed up got access to the new interfaces.

The problem now persists that users are essentially using 3 different versions of Facebook, some are still using the old design. Some are using the graph search design. Some are using the new newsfeed design. This is a bad move on Facebook’s side as they should have rolled out the new interface after they announced it. Historically Facebook changes haven not gone down well with most users as most people don’t like change. The move to the new design has not gone down well with teens. Some teens have access to graph search and the new design while their friends don’t. This situation leads to unpleasantness as ask “What make person X better than me?”. Facebook should spend more time on making sure everyone is using the same version of Facebook instead of adding new features which fragment their services even further.

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Users are essentially using 3 different versions of Facebook

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