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Google Glass teardown: The guts of Glass revealed

Tinkerers at Catwig have done a tear down of Google’s Glass which has given some insight into the components Google has used in this illusive device.

Google Glass became well known when Google released a video show casing how Google helped a man navigate his day. Developers and the general public got a glimpse of the device when Google live demoed it at Google IO. In the awe inspiring demo a team of extreme sport enthusiasts jumped out of a blimp, parachuted onto the roof of Moscone Center where BMX bikers rode it to the edge of the building where it was repelled down and biked into the hall. During all of this the audience was watching a Google+ Hangout of a point of view perspective of the stuntmen’s Google Glass. The demo of Google Glass has been hailed as one of the best product demonstrations ever done. Most of the developers flocked to social media talking about Google Glass like a child with a new toy. More than half of the developers bought the Explorer edition of Google Glass.


Currently there are only about 8000 people that have Google Glass through Google’s Glass Explorer program where developers and early adopters are beta testing it. So far the functionality of glass has been limited to taking photos, doing web searches and using Google Now. Since the Glass Explorer program launched, developers have created apps for Twitter, Facebook. Many believe that it can have augmented reality capabilities however due to the small battery that seems far off.

As people become aware of of Google Glass, privacy concerns about the device started to surface. The tech community has had mixed reactions regarding privacy, some believe that people will get over it while others believe it could seriously infringe on peoples privacy. It could also be said that if someone is in public, they void their privacy rights. Generally people don’t take too kind to privacy violations as pointed out with the recent NSA surveillance scandal. Apart from privacy there is the “cool” factor and many believe that people will not wear Google Glass. History has shown us that people often ridicule new technology until it becomes main stream. People initially ridiculed a phone with a camera but look at where are today, most if not all smart phones have cameras.

The teardown of Google Glass has revealed that it has a 570 mAh battery, ScanDisk memory and an Elpida RAM Chip. The touch sensor on the side is a¬†Synaptics T1320A touchpad controller. The other details of Glass were already known as revealed by Google. The device features many sensors including light, proximity and eye sensors and bone conduction for audio. The current users of glass have revealed that the device’s battery does not last long. When recording a video, they can only get about 20 minutes of battery life out of the device.

Google is planning to bring glass to consumers in early 2014. Google would first have to sort out its production problems as they do not have a good history with production management. There are 2 main factors that will determine the success of Google Glass, the price of the device and whether people will be willing to adopt to the device.


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