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Hilarious Reactions to Apple’s New Mac Pro

On Monday Apple announced the a new Mac Pro at its world wide developer conference (WWDC). The new Mac Pro is long overdue for an upgrade as Apple has updated its Macbook Pro and Macbook Air line up annually. The new Mac Pro uses Intel’s Xeon E5 processor and x2 AMD FirePro GPUs for graphics which can handle running x3 4k monitors at once. Apple has opted for PCI based flash storage instead of SSD storage as flash based storage has higher data transfer rates. Apple has also decided to use DDR3 RAM which can figured to a maximum of 128GB of RAM. Everything inside the Mac Pro is cooled by a unique thermal heat sink which is cooled down by only one fan. Designers and video editors have criticized Apple’s move to use AMD GPUs instead of Nvidia GPUs. Nvidias has extensively developed the technology used in its GPUs especially for designers and video editors. Nvidia’s Cuda technology can render video and 3D objects significantly faster than AMD.

There has been lots of debates about the design of the Mac Pro amongst Apple fans and haters. Most Apple fans like the new design but caution that the new cylindrical design will look out of place in a square looking desk or against a flat wall. The current generation of Mac Pros can be upgraded but this won’t be possible with the new design, a fact that has displeased many Apple Fans. Apple is counting on the fact that people will use the x4 USB 3 ports and the x6 Thunderbolt 2 ports to expand there storage options and other needs. However there are very few Thunderbolt accessories currently on the market which makes getting the new Mac Pro look unattractive to power users.

Many people have compared the design of the new Mac Pro to a trash can or the  R2D2 Robot . Below are some of the reactions.

Mac Pro trash can

The reactions of social media have also been hilarious:

Apple event response



Mac Pro Parody

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