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Roundup of Apple’s WWDC 2013


Apple’s annual WWDC kicked off yesterday with a demo of Anki, a gaming system that can interact with real world objects and incorporate them in a game that uses artificial intelligence which can be controlled by iOS devices.  During the keynote presentation, Apple announced a new version of OSX, dubbed OSX Mavericks which is inspired by a surfing hotspot in California where Apple’s headquarters are based.

New features in OSX Mavericks

  • Navigation and tags to easily organize windows and files
  • Updates to desktop notifications including the ability to reply to emails from the notification.
  • Multiple display improvements
  • New revamped Safari
  • iCloud keychain which stores all of your passwords, credit card information and can auto suggest passwords
  • iWork now runs in the cloud and can be accessed on the web from a Mac or PC, this is Apple’s response to Google Docs

Ios7Apple announced a radically new redesigned iOS7 which features a new flat design as Apple ends its love affair with skeumorphism. The new design is thanks to Apple’s legendary designer Johnny Ive who took over the design of software and hardware after Apple fired Scott Forestall. The new design has made all the icons flatter, brightened up the colors and removed the heavy handed drop shadows in apps.

New features in iOS7

  • Multitasking which allows apps to run in the background and auto update which makes switching apps faster.
  • Automatic App store updates.
  • Quick toggles for settings which allow a user to swipe up from the bottom of the phone and access the phone’s system settings
  • Notifications have been simplified and streamlined
  • AirDrop which allows users to send files to each other via WiFi which is Apple’s answer to NFC devices.
  • The photo app has been redesigned and now features auto crop and numerous filters.
  • Updates to Siri which allow give it a more natural voice and users now have the option between a male or female voice. Users can now tell siri to adjust certain system settings

Controversially the new iOS7 design is against Apple’s own Human Interface Guidelines that developers should adhere to, but Apple has a history of being hypocritical. Android fans have cried foul at the new multitasking and lock screen which they believe Apple copied directly from Android. Apple has always said that multitasking was never nessecary on a phone and yet they have added multitasking to iOS.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro also got an interesting refresh, Apple has completely resigned the Mac Pro into a small minimalistic cylindrical device. The Mac Pro features the latest Intel Xeon Processor and Thunderbolt 2 which allows for data transfers of up 20GBps. Apple has opted for AMD graphics chips instead of Nvidia which is has seen fierce criticism as AMD chips don’t have Cuda technology which makes rendering 3D graphics faster.

The reactions of the general public and Apple Fans have harshly criticized Apple for the Mac Pro design which looks like a trash can:




Apple event response

The harsh criticisms could also be seen in Apple’s Stock as it fell sharply shortly after the keynote.

Apple stock markets

In conclusion Apple has delivered the much anticipated updates to iOS at this year’s WWDC but many people wanted to see more from Apple like its rumored Apple TV or its iWatch. Research has shown that Apple has lost its “cool” factor and its going to take a lot more than a few updates to convince the younger generation that they should be using Apple devices instead of Android devices.

 Apple’s WWDC Keynote in 10 Minutes


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