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15 Best Adverts of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s time to round up the best adverts of year. Instead of listing the most shared or most watched adverts, I thought I’d share the adverts that caught my attention this year.

1. Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split

Everyone knows that reversing a truck in a straight line is incredibly hard. What better way to demonstrate the power of Volvo Dynamic Steering than to get Jean-Claude Van Damme to carry out his famous split between 2 reversing trucks? This advert is the most watched automotive commercial ever on YouTube and it is also one of the most shared adverts of 2013, which spawned many parodies.

2. Guinness Commercial

“The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.”

3. Dove beauty sketches

Women, you’re more beautiful than you think!

4. iPad air advert

Traditionally, I don’t like Apple products but this advert is sheer brilliance, the story and the “punch line” at the end really makes this advert.

5. Westjet Christmas Special


6. Greetings from chuck

Inspired by the the Volvo advert listed above, this parody video made by CGI firm Delov Digital combines humor, Chuck Norris legends and great visual effects work into a really epic video which is a great advertisement for their business.

7. Liberty “The Answer”

While this advert has not been seen by many people, I included in this list for the amazing CGI and VFX work done by Digital Domain. The reverse time lapse had to be created by numerous layers of CGI and one can truly get a sense of the amount of time involved when you read the behind the scenes article.

8. GoPro: Fireman saves kitten

9. Xbox One invitation

Microsoft did a great job of combining in game stories and characters in the real world while demonstrating the features of Xbox One. This advert also redeemed Microsoft from its embarrassing miscommunication during the announcement of the Xbox One.

10. Chipotle The Scarecrow

11. Budweiser

12. Robinsons pal

13. Telekinetic Coffee Shop surprise

14. PlayStation Used Game Instructional video

The Xbox One was surrounded by controversy when Microsoft announced numerous restrictions on the Xbox One such as the restriction of second hand game selling. Sony decided to mock Microsoft’s Xbox One by showing how simple it is to share a game on a Playstation 4 while Microsoft said that it would not allow gamers to share games.

15. Phonebloks

Phonebloks is the idea of having a modular phone that can be upgraded by component similar to the way a PC can be upgraded. So when someone wants a better camera, they just have to purchase a new camera module rather than buy a new phone from scratch. This video gained traction and soon Motorola announced that it was working on the concept.

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